Is COVID stopping you from booking your portrait photography session?

Being hygiene and health conscious is extremely important to us at Avisha Photography and Design. Here are some precautionary efforts we have been having for the safety of our valued clients.


1. We all wear a mask.

Since wearing a mask can effectively reduce the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask is something we take seriously. So, everybody at the studio wears a mask at all times during the entire photoshoot session, including me.

2. We take only one client per week.
Instead of taking multiple clients a day, we decided to only host one client photoshoot per week. That way, you won’t be walking into a space with contaminated air!
3. Deep cleaning after every client visit.
Another reason we only take one client a week is to ensure that we have enough time to clean the space in between every single photoshoot.
4. Hand sanitisation.
We sanitise our hands in regular intervals and also provide you with all the materials you need to feel safe and gorgeous during the entire photoshoot session.
5. Photoshoot on appointment basis only.
We encourage you to book your session in advance on appointment basis only.

Please reach out to us at if you have any more questions, comments or concerns related to booking a photoshoot during these Covid times. The safety of our clients and community is more important to us more than anything else.