Conceptual, Fashion, Creative



Inspired by feminine strength, beauty and style, I truly enjoy creating timeless legacy portraits.

Clothes, accessories, and makeup, together with the set props, signature light, model’s expression and posing and finally the postproduction are providing a glimpse into an imagined world through the photographers unique perspective. The important part of creative fashion photography is how you tell a story visually, and how you apply your own artistic style to a certain idea/concept.

Our fashion / creative portraits are a great option for creating timeless legacy portraits of yourself that you will love for all time.

Ideal for designers, creators and boutiques who need fashion photos that make a statement. We will work together and create a concept that fits your vision.

Glamour shooting is also a perfect gift for your wife, daughter, sister, mom or a friend.

Contact me for more information at 8660638895  or just come visit the photo studio for more details.