What Clients Are Saying

She Is My GO TO PERSON For Everything Photography, Videography and Digital Design. She is My All In One Right Hand Person

"I met Avisha in 2017 and what started as an experimental photo shoot has become a long and fulfilling work relationship and strong friendship over 2 years. She’s covered every single event of mine, helped me create content continuously, she’s designed my PowerPoint presentations, covered my workshops and masterminds, crafted my logos, shot and edited a zillion videos for my social media and the list goes on. I couldn’t have done any of the things I’ve pulled off in the last two years, without her. She is my GO TO PERSON for every thing photography , videography and digital design. She’s my all in one, right hand person. 😘."

- Mathangi Jagdish - Ma.Ja ( Singer / Songwriter / Mentor - Wholistic Vocalist)


You Made Me Look So Good

"Thanks for the amazing pictures, you made me look so good. You are definitely one of the best photographers, who so amazingly is able to capture moments, beauty, emotions. Your persistence and hard-working is truly commendable. You got me out of my comfort zone, keeping me comfortable, experimenting and capturing best shots. Thank you for being there."

- Rosebell


I Was Awed To See My Final Photos That Expressed My Confidence

"I know Avisha since 2017. Her extraordinary passion towards her work is always evident in her photographs. She works on a variety of projects that tests her photography skills and guess what, she always emerges out brilliantly! Last year, she kindly accepted my request of photoshoot for my upcoming debut book. After understanding my requirement, she thoroughly studied about various body postures that would suit me best. As it was my first shoot, I was nervous. With her sympathetic behavior, she made me comfortable, assuring a good shoot. She always had a creative perspective to use the resources available in her studio. We tried the professional and casual themes. I noticed her wise selections of backdrops for my attire. Some of them were painted by herself and a good amount of hard work went into that. I was awed to see my final photos that expressed my confidence through perfect body posture that she suggested. Her immense patience & continuous guidance during the shoot helped me to express myself freely. The excellent picture quality and color tone made it much more graceful. I am looking forward to work more with Avisha & try a variety of photo shoots for my upcoming projects. I highly recommend you too to schedule your next photo shoot with her. I am sure you will return much satisfied & happy"

Aakriti ( Write )


A Memorable Experience, You Took Best Photos Of Me

"It was my first photoshoot. You took awesome photos of me. It was a memorable experience. You seemed to get my best side and you were such a great confidence booster..Thank you very much."

- Medie


The Energy That She Exudes During Photo Shoots Is Quite Infectious. It's Fun To Work With Her.

"Photography and videography are areas where you cannot sustain for too long without both passion and skills. And Avisha has both. I have worked closely with Avisha on some of the projects and have also been the subject quite a few times. The energy that she exudes during photo shoots is quite infectious. It's fun to work with her. Besides being extremely creative, she has amazing technical skills in both photography and videography - which is a rare talent. I wish her all the very best."

- Natasha


I Had Such A Great Experience, She Knows The Right Camera Angle!

"I had such a great experience with her. Neither I am a nice photo poser nor that much photogenic but she knows the right camera angle! The result was beautiful, loved it 🙂

- Alka


Very Creative And Natural In Her Work

"When I think of Avisha, its Happy Moments n click click. She is very creative and natural in her work. She clicked my photographs of my wedding. There were so many beautiful pics we had a difficult time choosing the best of them."

- Bernice


Exceptional Photos

"The pics at Buna's mum's requiem and her wedding were exceptional, most of us think that cameras and lenses are getting sophisticated for more desirable memories, but the most important equipment of a photographer is their brain. Well done Avisha, keep clicking"

- Roy