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I Invite You To Experience A Photoshoot With Me.

Avisha Photography and Design is a modern, fashion style, magazine inspired photoshoots for people of all ages. We also specialise in customised photoshoots for your adorable pets.


We personally design your session to capture photographs of you that you will cherish and pass on to your loved ones.

My Purpose

I have often heard my clients say, " I am too fat, let me lose some weight" or "I am not photogenic", or "I am too old to have my photos taken."

I assure you that it's not your job to be "photogenic" or "good in front of the camera".

It's my job to help you through your entire photoshoot experience and to show you the most Beautiful Photos You Have Ever Seen Of Yourself.

my mission

The Creative Gallery

Woman over 40 Portrait, Avisha Photography and Design
Men Portraits
Women Portrait
Women Portrait Personal branding
Women Portrait
Woemn Floral Portraits
Women Portrait

Grace & Glamour at 40+

"Imperfection is beautiful, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

- Merilyn Monroe


Beauty doesn't diminish with age, in my Grace & Glamour at 40+ photoshoot campaign, I be capture stunning portraits of women over 40 years of age and above.

This is to celebrate your loveliness, attractiveness and raw beauty in different shapes, ages and culture. My goal is to give you a fabulous photoshoot experience to empower yourself and your confidence inside out.

Women Portraits over 40
Women studio portraits over 40
Women portraits over 40

Awards & Recognitions

Awards, The Portrait Masters, Bronze, The Portrait Master

The Process



This call helps me understand how you want to be photographed. It's also a great time for you to ask questions

Book Photoshoot Date

Once Photoshoot date is booked we will start planning out all the details of your session from what to wear, to hair and makeup inspiration, as well as posing.

Photoshoot Day

You will arrive at the studio and be greeted by me. Then get you ready with hair and makeup for the shoot. You will spend the day with me coaching you through posing and how to look great in your photos.

Ordering Appointment

I invite you back to view your fully retouched images. Take home only what you love! My job is to make you love them all!

You Are Gorgeous & Worthy Of Existing In Photographs